Wednesday, 6 February 2019


Coral Institute of Languages in Nehru Place South Delhi has wide range of language learning courses to offer like Russian language course, French language course, German language course, IELTS, SAT ENGLISH, TOEFL, ESOL and on top of that an English speaking course in South Delhi which includes LSRW approach straight from Cambridge and London. We will train you during the English speaking course in Nehru Place South Delhi on accent neutralization, correct pronunciation and grammar. As a result you will be able to speak like any foreigner; after taking the classes of a defined standard level from our certified English teacher from British council and UK.
In our classrooms, it is not only about learning but engaging you in a language and thence imbibing the language, lexicon and culture deep in you. We are providing the world class classroom environment with the most trained English language teacher from British council Delhi and British counsel Nehru Place. We recommend you to join Cambridge English language classes which are better than spoken English classes in Nehru Place South Delhi. So if you want to learn a spoken English or Cambridge English with us; then enrol yourself immediately. We are conducting special English speaking lessons for housewives and students and other special batches for working professionals. Our batches start from 7am to 10pm. we will provide you books, CDs and study material according to your level. Levels would be decided according to CEFRL guidelines and you need to sit for a Cambridge level test at our English language institute in Nehru Place South Delhi- Noida.
After the exam you may get certificate of successfully completing the level and passing nicely in exams. You need to have at least 80% attendance in class is mandatory for getting the certificate for the spoken English course in Nehru Place South Delhi.
At our institute in English speaking lessons, you as students need to do full justice with what is taught and done in the class. You need to revise the things done in class carefully at home atleast for 30 minutes with full concentration. With these tips you will be able to achieve your goal successfully in spoken English classes at South Delhi. We have designed, formatted and developed assignments from Cambridge and London especially for people of Asia to learn English language and hence they are internationally approved study material. In case you miss the class go through the study material which are being provided in English lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. You should note down your problem areas and discuss with your English language teacher at CIL in South Delhi Nehru Place.

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